Education and Training

1) Several concepts related to HYSENS are inserted in the program of the course "Molecular Nanotechnology", held by Prof. A. Credi in the masters in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials, Faculty of Sciences, University of Bologna.

2) Experimental internship of undergraduate students of the above masters.

3) Training of PhD (Tommaso Avellini, Marek Oszajca, Valentina Carboni and Marcello La Rosa) and post-doctoral researchers (Tommaso Avellini, Matteo Amelia, Christophe Lincheneau, Francisco Vera).

4) HYSENS activities were mentioned in teh invited presentation of Prof. A. Credi at “Festival della Scienza” (Genova, Oct-Nov, 2011), the most important initiative for public dissemination of science in Italy.